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Giving A Glass Shelf A Customized Appearance

Glass shelving can be much more than just a plain piece of glass. To add to the elegance of a glass shelf, you can add a variety of options not just to the material itself, but also to the surrounding area. Give it color, a little extra sparkle, or make it the center of attention in a room. There is a variety of options when it comes to adding glass to your home or workplace.Reflective MirrorsMount mirrors behind a glass shelf to emphasize the effects of the material on the space. The mirror reflects the light and its surroundings to make the room look bigger and makes the shelf more dominant in the space. This works particularly well in an inset shelf because it makes the shelf appear deeper than it actually is. Adding a bold frame around the inset storage area is one of the newer trends in decorating. This makes the shelf appear almost like a picture.LightsLights work well with the translucent qualities of glass shelves. This doesn't just have to be white light either. Colored bulbs add a glow to the glass ...


Cuckoo Clocks Striking the Hour

Back in the fourteenth century mechanical clocks appeared. A bell sounded every hour. These clocks did not have hands or faces. The speed of the clocks movement was driven by weights and springs. The most important event in clock making took place in the early nineteenth century. It was the introduction of mass production and interchangeable parts. Before this time clocks were only available to the wealthy.The cuckoo clock is typically pendulum driven and strikes the hours using small bellows and pipes that imitate the call of the common cuckoo in addition to striking a wire gong. This mechanism was produced since the eighteenth century and has remained almost without variation until the present.In the nineteen fifties electrical currents ran through quartz crystals which caused vibrations to operate the movements. This type of movement is used in many of our wall clocks today.The Black Forest is a wooded mountain range in southwestern Germany. Wood carving is a traditional industry in this region. There is a...


Shopping For a Woodstove: Features to Look For

If you're like millions, and are desperately searching for an alternative heating source to oil for this coming fall/winter, then you've probably considered investing in a wood stove. In my opinion, they're great! They're economical, energy-conscious, aesthetically charming, and most effective. But, if you are in the market for one for either, the first time or the first time in a long time; you'll need to know all the contemporary features that woodstoves now offer. Below, is a quick reference guide on the most important features to look for in a new wood burning stove for your home. · Material There are three basic materials that your new woodstove can be made from: welded steel, soapstone, and cast iron. Starting with the most basic, welded steel is the least aesthetic and consequently the cheapest of the three, so if you are looking for purely functional: this is your best bet. Cast iron is probably the most popular and prevalent among homeowners, because it is functional, beautiful, and moderately p...


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